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The Troll Ladder

One of Norway’s most popular “lost” roads is Trollstigen or The Troll Ladder in English. It is a mountain road with a steep incline of 9% and eleven hairpin bends up a steep mountain side. The Troll Ladder was opened on July 31, 1936, by King Haakon VII after 8 years of construction and is much steeper than it looks on pictures and perfect for a car commercial.

The road up is narrow with many sharp bends, and although it has been widened in recent years, vehicles over 12.4 meters long are prohibited from driving the road. At the top there is large parking place which allows visitors to leave their cars and walk for about ten minutes to a viewing balcony which overlooks the road with its bends and the Stigfossen waterfall. Stigfossen is a beautiful waterfall which falls 320 meters down the mountain side.