Staying in contact with the outside world is not a problem. Norway has one of the highest rates of mobile phones per capita in the world which means you’ll find coverage nearly everywhere.

Broadband and high speed mobile wi-fi is being rolled out even in remote areas. If you are traveling with us, you’ll have a free wireless internet connection available as long as our phones can stay connected. Through 3G or EDGE. If you still find yourself out of service and must be online, knock on a door and ask if they are connected.

Local numbers with “free” minutes, sms, mms and data can easily be arranged in advance if you are planning to stay a few days and need to call locally between yourselves. Just tell us what you need and we’ll fix it for you. Below is a cost example that can be changed to your liking.

7 hours monthly call time (any Norwegian number), 300 sms / 5 mms and 1gb data.
Total: 280 NOK. Calls or sms/mms abroad and 8xx numbers are not included.
If you end up calling more than you planned for, normal charges apply.
For unlimited data access, the total will be 360 NOK in this example.
Use Fring on your mobile device to call abroad.