Location scouting in Norway is exciting work and will open up a whole new world of possibilities for both you and your clients. There are very few restrictions on filming and only modest location fees to be paid, if any at all. Restrictions may apply to national parks (motorized transport), but given good planning, arrangements can be made. Interference with road traffic is handled by the police.

Norway has a modern infrastructure that secures excellent communications between all regions and the world. Norway can in the winter double as the North or South Pole, Alaska, Siberia or Greenland, but most often simply as Norway.

Norway is the land of the Midnight sun, the Northern lights, the Vikings and the mysterious Trolls. It is a land of great beauty and unspoiled nature with waterfalls, fjords, lakes, rivers, valleys, glaciers and beaches. There are also more than 25.000 kilometers of shoreline and 57.000 islands.

Old wooden houses, Stave churches, beautiful fishing villages and weather beaten lighthouses. New, wild and lost roads. Spectacular bridges and ferry trips. With four true seasons you have sparkling snow in the winter and flowers blooming in the summer.

“Norway is clean water and fresh air. It welcomes you with friendliness and hospitality, offering peace and harmony to all who look for it. Norway is close to heaven and down to earth. Look to Norway and find unlimited freedom and infinite possibilities”

“Norway is also Svalbard. A snow clad group of islands in the artic ocean, were polar bears roam the countryside and men mine the mountains for black gold”